Map of availability and per-capita space of public parks and gardens in England and Wales

We provide data on green space availability and capacity in urban areas of England and Wales. Analysing population and green space data, we report the number of public parks and gardens available to people within 500 metres (~5-minute walk) and 1 kilometre (~10-minute walk) of their home postcode. In addition, for a safe use of parks and gardens during social distancing, we quantify the potential green space capacity based on the area available to people living within 1 kilometre of them. To maintain a distance of at least 2m, a minimum space of 4m2 per person is required in parks and gardens.

You can use our interactive tool below to find out how many parks are available to you within 500m and 1km of your home. Type your postcode in the search bar to look-up postcode information or zoom in to your local area to see public parks and gardens available to you. Circles will show the 500m (orange) and 1000m (yellow) radius perimeters. Click on a park to visualize its information. Parks with a high risk of overcrowding (<4m² per-capita space) are coloured in red.

Data sources:

  • Built-up Areas Boundaries (2011), Office for National Statistics
  • Mid-2018 population, Office for National Statistics
  • UK Census (2011), Office for National Statistics
  • MasterMap Open Greenspace Layer (2019), Ordnance Survey