Poverty and Inequality’s Docs Meeting Notes Poverty & Inequality Working Group Monthly Meeting Minutes- 2021.03.10

Meeting Minutes – March 10th, 2021

Beijing (Yan Li)

  • Presented SES predictions for TAZs using travel survey and imagery. Updates on neural network used to estimate SES.
  • Survey data does not cover entire metropolitan region (survey is centered in Beijing), can extend to greater region.
  • Presented preliminary results for greater Beijing including suburbs.
  • What are the desired area-level outcomes?
    • Currently:
      • Avg. Highest Degree
      • Ratio of non-blue collar workers
      • Avg. household income
      • Avg. Floor Area
      • Ratio of commercial housing
    • Median Income (Proxy for Development levels)
    • Other metrics? Continuous or categorical?

Dhaka (Zahid)

  • Collecting other datasets, preparing for Accra/Dhaka comparison paper.

Ghana (Alicia/Brian)

  • Reviewed regional poverty & inequality metrics, reinforcing previous literature on North-South & urban-rural disparities. Justifies focus on within-region inequality
  • Presented maps on poverty and inequality in Greater Accra. Highlighted urban/rural disparities. Suggestion to refocus on central Accra as we are more interested in urban patterns, as opposed to comparing urban/rural disparities.
  • Data on Vancouver for years 2006, 2011, 2016 is being developed at multiple geographies. Data is also being collected for Montreal and Toronto.


  • Next Week – PEHC Symposium, Wednesday, March 17th.

Action Items:

  • Meeting with Dhaka/Accra groups March 18th to discuss available auxiliary data for use in a comparative analysis.

Next meeting date and time:

April 14th, 2021

  • Montreal 9 am
  • London 2 pm
  • Accra 1pm
  • Dhaka 7 pm
  • Beijing 9 pm