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Poverty & Inequality Working Group Monthly Meeting Minutes- 2021.04.14
Meeting Minutes – April 14th, 2021 Ghana (Alicia)
  • Reviewed proposed papers to present poverty mapping work in Ghana
      • P1 – Review of Small Area Estimation Procedure used in Poverty Mapping Exercise (might be best suited for Wellcome Open Research)
      • P2 – Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Poverty & Inequality in Accra Metropolitan Area
        • Where do the poor live & How do the poor live?
      • P3 – Analysis of the spatial determinants of EA- & District-level inequality across Ghanaian Regions
      • P4 – Exploration of accessibility of services (e.g. health facilities, educational institutions, government services) through a lense of spatial inequality
  • For accessibility work – need to touch base with other project partners to harmonize approach
      • The accessibility question emerged in the Accra-Dhaka comparison discussion as well (esp. in regards to services and slums)
Beijing (Yan Li)
  • Presented Updates on SES predictions for TAZs
  • Big Question: What are the desired area-level outcomes?
    • Currently:
        • Proportion of low education
        • Proportion of low earning occupations (in primary & secondary sector)
        • Avg. household income
        • Avg. Floor Area
        • Ratio of commercial housing
      • Use these to produce a single categorical metric (quantiles)
      • Do we want separate SES outcomes or to consider as one aggregate index of SES status?
  • To confirm - Survey representativeness and sampling procedure in data (What was the original survey’s sampling design?)
Action Items:
  • Reach out to others on PEHC project engaging in accessibility work
  • Follow up Meeting with Dhaka/Accra groups to discuss comparative analysis approach (e.g. slums, accessibility)
Next meeting date and time: May 12th, 2021
  • Montreal 9 am
  • London 2 pm
  • Accra 1pm
  • Dhaka 7 pm
  • Beijing 9 pm

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