Poverty and Inequality’s Docs Meeting Notes Poverty & Inequality Working Group Monthly Meeting Minutes- 2021.09.08

Meeting Minutes – September 8th, 2021

Dhaka (Zahid/Rafiul)

  • Reviewed recent poverty mapping work
    • Discussed linking other SES data to poverty maps
      • Slum distribution
      • Housing structures
      • Urban greeneries
    • TBD: What is the driving Research Question/ Rationale?
  • Edit review paper to resubmit at a different outlet

Beijing (Yan Li)

  • In process of drafting paper on SES status
  • Started discussion with Anzhen hospital about linking SES data to mortality data
    • Analysis at district level (>100 districts)
    • Living area is more closely related to respiratory diseases

Accra/Vancouver (Alicia)

  • Ghana
    • Draft of paper on household choice vs neighborhood effects in Accra is being prepared for submission to journals
    • Developing project that compares Multi-Dimensional Inequality in Accra and Kumasi through the lens of SDGs (economic, social, environment)
      • Can economic inequality account for other types of inequalities?
      • Examining dimensions in relationship to other SES groups
      • **Need to identify policy goal for analysis**
    • Canada
      • Using mobility methods to examine neighborhood change in Vancouver, (Montreal, & Toronto) to determine whether neighborhood change is being driven by internal urban processes or broader macroeconomic processes (i.e. inequality and growth)
        • Census Data (2001-2016, every 5 years)
          • Use average total income to examine local trajectories
          • In cities with high levels of inequality, we expect change to be driven more by local conditions and social dynamics (e.g. segregation, institutional interventions)
        • Can we link this to the environmental justice/neighborhood effects literatures that examine how neighborhood conditions are associated with amenities/burdens

Action Items:

  • Develop clear cut policy goals and RQs for current projects
  • Follow up with Dhaka/Accra work to discuss linking additional SES data

Next Meeting:

October 13th, 2021

  • Montreal 9 am
  • London 2 pm
  • Accra 1pm
  • Dhaka 7 pm
  • Beijing 9 pm