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Lee TC, Polak JW, Bell MGH, Wigan MR

The kinematic features of motorcycles in congested urban networks

Accident Analysis and Prevention, 49 , pp. 203-211, 2012.

(Related publication, Transport and Mobility)

Related publication, Transport and Mobility

Rooney MS, Arku RE, Dionisio KL, Paciorek C, Friedman AB, Carmichael H, Zhou Z, Hughes AF, Vallarino J, Agyei-Mensah S, Spengler JD, Ezzati M

Spatial and temporal patterns of particulate matter sources and pollution in four communities in Accra, Ghana

Science of the Total Environment, 435-436 , pp. 107-114, 2012.

(Accra, Related publication)

Accra, Related publication