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Suel E, Sorek-Hamer M, Moise I, von Pohle M, Sahasrabhojanee A, Asanjan A, Deardorff E, Lingenfelter V, Oza N, Ezzati M, Brauer M

Predicting air pollution spatial variation with street-level imagery

Machine Learning in Public Health (MLPH) Workshop, 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020) 2020.

(Big Data)

Big Data

Konstantinoudis G, Padellini T, Bennett J, Davies B, Ezzati M, Blangiardo M

Long-term exposure to air-pollution and COVID-19 mortality in England: a hierarchical spatial analysis

Environment International, 146 , pp. 106316, 2020.

(Health Outcomes, Housing and neighbourhood, London)

Health Outcomes, Housing and neighbourhood, London

Urme SA, Radia MA, Uzzal MC, Ahmed S, Sara HH, Islam MS, Jerin DT, Hasan S, Hema PS, Alam R, Rahman M, Islam AKMM, Quayyum Z, Hasan MT, Rashid SF

Occupational Health and Safety Hazards: An Explorative Study of Dhaka City Waste Handlers

Book of Abstracts, 6th International Conference on Public Health 2020 (ICOPH 2020), pp. 66, Committee of the ICOPH 2020.

(Dhaka, Water Sanitation and Waste management)

Dhaka, Water Sanitation and Waste management

NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC)

Height and body-mass index trajectories of school-aged children and adolescents from 1985 to 2019 in 200 countries and territories: a pooled analysis of 2181 population-based studies with 65 million participants

The Lancet, 396 (10261), pp. 1511-1524, 2020.

(Health Outcomes, Related publication)

Health Outcomes, Related publication

Shoari N, Ezzati M, Baumgartner J, Malacarne D, Fecht D

Accessibility and allocation of public parks and gardens in England and Wales: A COVID-19 social distancing perspective

PLoS ONE, 15 (10), pp. e0241102, 2020.

(Housing and neighbourhood, London)

Housing and neighbourhood, London

Kontis V, Bennett JE, Rashid T, Parks RM, Pearson-Stuttard J, Guillot M, Asaria P, Zhou B, Battaglini M, Corsetti G, McKee M, Di Cesare M, Mathers CD, Ezzati M

Magnitude, demographics and dynamics of the effect of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on all-cause mortality in 21 industrialized countries

Nature Medicine , 26 , pp. 1919–1928, 2020.

(Health Outcomes)

Health Outcomes

Coleman NC, Burnett RT, Ezzati M, Marshall JD, Robinson AL, Pope III CA

Fine Particulate Matter Exposure and Cancer Incidence: Analysis of SEER Cancer Registry data from 1992-2016

Environmental Health Perspectives, 128 (10), pp. 107004, 2020.

(Health Outcomes, Related publication)

Health Outcomes, Related publication

Doiron D, Setton EM, Shairsingh K, Brauer M, Hystad P, Ross NA, Brook JR

Healthy built environment: Spatial patterns and relationships of multiple exposures and deprivation in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

Environment International, 143 , pp. 106003, 2020.

(Housing and neighbourhood, Related publication, Vancouver)

Housing and neighbourhood, Related publication, Vancouver

Dixita M, Sivakumar A

Capturing the impact of individual characteristics on transport accessibility and equity analysis

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 87 , pp. 102473, 2020.

(Transport and Mobility)

Transport and Mobility

Sara H, Alam R, Hasan T, Quayyum Z, Jerin D

Exploring health risk of people living near the Secondary Transfer Stations and Landfills in Dhaka

European Journal of Public Health, 30 (Supplement_5), pp. ckaa166.157, 2020.

(Dhaka, Water Sanitation and Waste management)

Dhaka, Water Sanitation and Waste management

Jerin D, Sara H, Hasan T, Quayyum Z

Rethinking policies and possibilities of sustainable solid waste management system of Dhaka City

European Journal of Public Health, 30 (Supplement_5), pp. ckaa166.1268, 2020.

(Dhaka, Water Sanitation and Waste management)

Dhaka, Water Sanitation and Waste management

Clark SN, Alli AS, Brauer M, Ezzati M, Baumgartner J, Toledano MB, Hughes AF, Nimo J, Moses JB, Terkpertey S, Vallarino J, Agyei-Mensah S, Agyemang E, Nathvani R, Muller E, Bennett J, Wang J, Beddows A, Kelly F, Barratt B, Beevers S, Arku RE

High-resolution spatiotemporal measurement of air and environmental noise pollution in Sub-Saharan African cities: Pathways to Equitable Health Cities Study protocol for Accra, Ghana

BMJ Open, 10 , pp. e035798, 2020.

(Accra, Measurement and Monitoring)

Accra, Measurement and Monitoring

Baumgartner J

Secure housing tenure for healthier and more equitable cities

In Towards healthier homes in humanitarian settings, Oxford, Oxford Brookes University & CARE International UK, 2020.

(Housing and neighbourhood)

Housing and neighbourhood

Pineo H, Audia C, Black D, French M, Gemmell E, Lovasi GS, Milner J, Montes F, Niu Y, Pérez-Ferrer C, Siri J, Taruc RR

Building a methodological foundation for impactful urban planetary health science

Journal of Urban Health, 98 , pp. 442–452, 2020.

(Knowledge Co-Production)

Knowledge Co-Production

Rugela EJ, Brauer M

Quiet, clean, green, and active: A Navigation Guide systematic review of the impacts of spatially correlated urban exposures on a range of physical health outcomes

Environmental Research, 185 , pp. 109388, 2020.

(Health Outcomes, Related publication)

Health Outcomes, Related publication

Kontis V, Bennett JE, Parks RM, Rashid T, Pearson-Stuttard J, Asaria P, Guillot M, Blangiardo M, Ezzati M

Age- and sex-specific total mortality impacts of the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic in England and Wales: Application of a Bayesian model ensemble to mortality statistics.

medRxiv, 2020.

(Health Outcomes, London, Related publication)

Health Outcomes, London, Related publication

Brauer B, Zhao JT, Bennitt FB, Stanaway JD

Global access to handwashing: implications for COVID-19 control in low-income countries

Environmental Health Perspectives, 128 (5), pp. 57005, 2020.

(Health Outcomes, Poverty and Inequality)

Health Outcomes, Poverty and Inequality

Agyemang E

“Uber is here to stay”: Exploring the policy implications of the Uber-Local taxis turf war in Accra, Ghana

Case Studies on Transport Policy, 8 (1), pp. 59-66, 2020.

(Accra, Related publication, Transport and Mobility)

Accra, Related publication, Transport and Mobility

Baumgartner J, Brauer M, Ezzati M

The role of cities in reducing the cardiovascular impacts of environmental pollution in low- and middle-income countries

BMC Medicine, 18 , pp. 39, 2020.

(Health Outcomes)

Health Outcomes

Li F, Li F, Li S, Long Y

Deciphering the recreational use of urban parks: Experiments using multi-source big data for all Chinese cities

Science of the Total Environment, 701 (1), pp. 134896, 2020.

(Big Data, Housing and neighbourhood, Related publication)

Big Data, Housing and neighbourhood, Related publication

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