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Zhou Z, Dionisio KL, Verissimo TG, Kerr AS, Coull B, Arku RE, Koutrakis P, Spengler JD, Hughes AF, Vallarino J, Agyei-Mensah S, Ezzati M

Chemical composition and sources of particle pollution in affluent and poor neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana

Environmental Research Letters, 8 , pp. 044025, 2013.

(Accra, Related publication)

Accra, Related publication

Correia AW, Wang Y, Dominici F, Pope CA 3rd, Dockery DW, Ezzati M

“Threshold findings” in an ecological study – Authors’ reply

Epidemiology, 24 (4), pp. 628, 2013.

(Related publication)

Related publication

Pope CA 3rd, Ezzati M, Dockery DW

Fine particulate air pollution and life expectancies in the United States: the role of influential observations

Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 63 (2), pp. 129-132, 2013.

(Related publication)

Related publication

Correia AW, Pope CA 3rd, Dockery DW, Wang Y, Ezzati M, Dominici F

Effect of air pollution control on life expectancy in the United States: an analysis of 545 U.S. Counties for the period from 2000 to 2007

Epidemiology, 24 (1), pp. 23-31, 2013.

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